SAEDA & TSURUGIN by asura_dahlia on Flickr.


サラミュ by Kemmy小墨 on Flickr.


If I see another of those cliche pastel-out-of-scale-beads-cheap-fur-wig-abused-slut skirtboys, I swear I’m gonna puke. It’s so tacky and overdone.


puke puke PUKEEEE!


I don’t like the beaded bracelets from wrist to elbow trend on BJD. Most of them are so out of scale, it’s tacky. Would you wear a string of golf balls or large grapes around your wrist? Maybe if they were all tiny beads it would be cute, but I haven’t seen one yet that looks to be proper scale.


this person have obviously never seen decora kids


Sometimes I catch myself talking to my dolls and reasoning with them about something. Like a wig or a shirt that somehow I think is against what they’d like and I try and talk them into just TRYING it. Like they could actually protest or something. And then I laugh at myself and proceed with whatever I wanted to do any ways. ;)


same :D


Les Vampirez by HydraKitten


Kiss me with Maddox owned by @soft_poison #bjd #balljointeddoll #doll

Fanartz collection gettin’ bigger lol #fanart

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Rebecca (DIM Laia) by izlomdoc on Flickr.


Yae, in summer by RenMaaru on Flickr.


Something that really annoys me is when I unveil a doll I’ve worked hard on there’s invariably two or three people who comment saying I should have painted it with a completely different design. For one, I’ve already finished it. I’m not painting it again just because you prefer a different concept. Second, it’s not constructive criticism, it’s you saying, “You should have painted the doll the way I would have if I owned it.” It’s so rude, stop it.



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U two look like a couple, can u sthap?! #Min #Myv

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No idea wgat I am going to do with these… #bjd #accessory

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Min, what are u doing? ~ “Modeling. Obviously?!” ~ um ok #BJD #crobi #yeonho #min

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